Who is Declan Dunn?

Every marketing professional has their own tricks of the trade. They know what works, and they know how to balance tried-and-true methods with new and daring tactics.

But have you ever wondered where these professionals get their information? For many, the go-to source for affiliate marketing expertise is Declan Dunn. An expert in marketing who has been conducting business on the internet since 1994, Declan Dunn is one of the most respected names in affiliate marketing.

Dunn Direct Media, Declan Dunn’s own internet marketing company, has assisted countless small businesses as well as some of the largest corporations in the world. His vision and talents are unparalleled in the business world, and Declan provides uniquely successful direct media campaigns to his clients.

Having been involved in internet marketing since the very birth of the internet, Declan Dunn has seen marketing trends come and go. He has become an expert in predicting these trends and staying ahead of the curve when it comes to new and highly effective marketing tactics.

Mr. Dunn is also the author of five successful internet marketing books: Director of Sales, Beginner’s Guide to Internet Marketing, Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Programs, Winning the Affiliate Game, and Net Profits. A number of these books are used as instructional guides for business owners who are just getting started in the areas of affiliate marketing and internet marketing.

Not only is Declan Dunn a successful business owner and accomplished author, he also presents valuable and very popular marketing seminars. These seminars are meant for business owners who are serious about maximizing their marketing potential and can cost in excess of $2,000. According to past attendees of these seminars, they are worth every penny.

One of the most unusual aspects of Declan’s approach is that he presents affiliate marketing information for people on both sides of the affiliate marketing partnership. He shares his knowledge with those who offer the program to increase business, and those who use affiliate programs to increase their income. This approach has helped marketers to gain a well-rounded understanding of all that is involved in the process of affiliate marketing.

Clients and readers of Declan Dunn say that his methods make them feel like they have a mentor guiding them at every step. He is praised for his straightforward, easy-to-understand style and his high level of integrity. Attendees of his seminars simply can’t speak highly enough of this incredibly effective marketing industry leader.

When owners of businesses large and small want to start or reinvigorate their internet marketing campaign, Declan Dunn is the first choice. The 21st century is bound to see Dunn and his company pioneering new and exciting marketing possibilities for business owners of all descriptions.

Check out one of Declan Dunn’s presentations below…

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